Who We Are

Covering Over 95 Countries

Labor Law Plus® is the global labor and employment law division of Transatlantic Law International, a leading innovative legal and business solution provider for companies and investors seeking a broad range of business law services, with more than 4,500 lawyers in over 95 countries worldwide.

Based in London, UK, with more than a 23 year track record of success, our dedicated labor and employment law teams support leading multinationals and investors on a global, regional and local basis as a single integrated legal service in L&E - and more.

Our service harnesses the abilities of top counsel worldwide, providing an innovative fast effective and very cost efficient service everywhere you need to be – so you are never more than one call away from moving your agenda forward globally, regionally and locally – in labor and employment law and in  all other major disciplines important to your L&E strategy and your business.

It’s That Simple

Our labor and employment law solutions include both Global Labor Services including complete Global Mobility and Immigration solutions on a cross-border and regional basis supported by global and regional coordinators, and Country Labor Services with dedicated teams in each country being responsible to you every day as an extension of your own Legal and HR departments. 

A True One Stop Shop
With Worldwide Presence and Experience

And when the challenge extends beyond labor and employment to business law issues – as frequently occur in mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, opening and closings, intercompany mergers, or just transferring employees to another country and setting up anew (to name just a few examples), our business law counsel with our dedicated affiliates work side by side with our L&E specialists as part of the same service to provide complete well-rounded advice on your project.

So You Get The Whole Picture

We have also removed the fuss operationally from international legal services so you can get on with business, rather than navigating the often top-heavy complications of more traditional large international firms or service organizations, through our: 

Centralized Quality Control and Management

One Global Service Terms
Central Billing with A Simplified Global Rate System
And Global Regional and Local Service Delivery.

This insures standards are maintained and costs are controlled to meet your expectations – and budget. 

You Won’t Be Disappointed

It’s How We Work

Everywhere and Every Day

Labor Law Plus –  A Complete L&E Law Solution. And More