What Makes Us Different

Founded by international counsel with an in-house business oriented perspective, we focus on delivering legal solutions differently – the way business leaders and Legal and HR departments require –  with constant attention to speed, value and quality.

We will identify the problem, solve it centrally - which we can often do very quickly because of our considerable global experience - or put the right L&E  team or lawyer from our regional or local teams on it immediately, providing solutions consistently across the globe with clarity and quality and under our responsibility. 

On Time
And On Budget
Just the Way Your Business Wants It

How we achieve this stems from both a simple and extraordinary idea: having the best labor and employment lawyers from outstanding affiliated firms worldwide work for you on our platform as a single global team on the highest standards with strong central management and responsibility and clear business oriented principles to achieve a service which is truly global and proactive yet highly flexible, without the layers and costs of traditional firms.

At the same time what we deliver is uncommonly business oriented and effective:

More L&E Teams in More Countries
A Single Global Turnkey Solution
Covering the Range of L&E Disciplines
Incredibly Responsive and Fast
True 24/7 Service
With Strict Attention to Budgets and Value
Flexibility to Organize Services As You Need
And Complete Business Law Support When and When You Need It

No Other Labor and Employment Law Service Can Produce the Same Results

A complex world made less so by knowing your business, thinking about law differently, organizing ourselves accordingly and putting your business first.

What’s Needed In Labor and Employment Law. And For Your Business