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This Privacy and Cookies Policy (‘Policy’) sets out how Labor Law Plus® uses and protects any personal data that Labor Law Plus collects and processes and how Labor Law Plus uses cookies on its website. 

Any personal data we collect or cookies we use will only be used in accordance with all applicable laws including the GDPR and other laws and regulations applicable in the United Kingdom, and with this Policy. Labor Law Plus may change this Policy at any time. 


Labor Law Plus as used in this Policy is a division and a service of Transatlantic Law International Limited, a UK limited liability company engaged in the provision of legal services and related business advisory services to its clients (‘TALI’), including the services of its Principals, and of any other of its divisions or service, and those provided by any of the independent law firms or legal service providers (whether law firms, individual lawyers or other providers, any being a ‘TALI provider’) in the Transatlantic Law Network, or otherwise, and which is retained by TALI and is engaged in the delivery of Labor Law Plus client services. Labor Law Plus services are often provided by TALI as part of its comprehensive business law services to its clients including labor and employment law services. 


Labor Law Plus needs to process personal data for the following principal purposes:

  • From Labor Law Plus clients and their owners, officers, employees, contractors, representatives and those of their affiliates and business partners, in order to provide Labor Law Plus services, as well as from third parties involved in Labor Law Plus client assignments (e.g., with which clients enter into contractual relationships or have disputes);
  • From and with Labor Law Plus firms and other TALI providers that work with Labor Law Plus, in order to generate and manage client work and to pay them;
  • From other suppliers, potential suppliers and other business contacts in order to collaborate, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of goods and services needed to support Labor Law Plus’ services for its clients; and
  • From potential clients and potential collaborators in order to expand Labor Law Plus’ business and resources.


Labor Law Plus is a provider of legal and business related advisory services that are used by clients working in their trade, business, craft or profession, and its services are not directed at or provided to individual consumers. 

Labor Law Plus only processes personal data of individuals in their professional capacity or connected with the business services that Labor Law Plus provides. Labor Law Plus does not process private email addresses or any other non-professional information as such.

Labor Law Plus collects data necessary for its work which may include:

  • Contact details such as email, phone numbers, job title;
  • Data regarding legal issues such as rights of signature, powers of attorney, contracts including employment or consultancy contracts;
  • Professional interests, background and qualifications; or
  • Other information on the identity, professional background and qualifications of Labor Law Plus clients, personnel and TALI providers necessary to assist Labor Law Plus in evaluating and performing its work as a legal service provider.

Labor Law Plus may occasionally be granted access by clients to certain special categories of data collected by clients and included within clients’ files for purposes of providing legal advice to our clients on legal issues regarding individuals such as employees or other third persons.


For the processing of personal data, Labor Law Plus relies on the following bases:

- Necessity for performance of the contract: Labor Law Plus inevitably needs to process personal data in order to provide the services that Labor Law Plus clients may be interested in or have requested and Labor Law Plus has agreed to provide. This is the main legal basis for our data processing. Labor Law Plus does not process client-related data for any other purpose than providing Labor Law Plus services and will not process it for any longer than necessary for that purpose (or required by applicable laws and applicable professional rules).

- Necessity for compliance with legal obligations: Labor Law Plus needs to process and retain data (e.g. client ID and transaction data) obtained in the course of our work and professional relationships in order to comply with applicable laws and professional rules.

- Necessity for the purposes of the legitimate interests of Labor Law Plus’ business. Specifically we have an interest in:  

  • managing our business and providing and supervising our services including but not limited to allocating work to the most suitable professionals;
  • providing proper billing information and ensuring payments are correctly made;
  • growing our business by undertaking marketing and promotions to organisations that may be interested in our services (or in becoming a member of or affiliated with our professional group); and
  • ensuring we are in a position to investigate and respond to any future legal claims, or future requests from regulators, insurers, clients or our counsel in connection with TALI services. 

When processing data for these purposes, Labor Law Plus takes account of the interests and fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subjects. 

Due to that fact that this data is always from a professional context (work email, work telephone, contractual information etc.) and/or obtained from sources where it is voluntarily offered by the data subjects (websites, conferences, webinars, professional networking) the impact on privacy is minimal and our use is within what data subjects would reasonably expect. 

We are open and transparent about our data use and maintain appropriate safeguards (e.g., security measures in line with industry and professional standards, and respect for the exercise of user rights). 

Accordingly, we have concluded that our legitimate interests are not overridden by the relevant interests, rights and freedoms of the data subjects and that they therefore provide a proper legal basis for our processing. All statutory rights of data subjects continue to apply (see Section 9 below).

Consent: Labor Law Plus or TALI may ask you for your consent for certain activities in which case we will set out the required information at the time. This could relate to participation in a seminar, or receipt of newsletters for example. This basis is not required for most of our data processing activities.


Parts of our websites use or may use cookies. A cookie is a small file that can be placed on your computer (or telephone or other web access device). You can find more information about different types of cookies at

However, some cookies are necessary for the correct use of our website and you may not be able to use all features of our website if all cookies are disabled.

We may use cookies when you use parts of our website such as the search engine or contact forms. These are transient cookies which are deleted when you close your browser (i.e. we do not retain this data once you close your internet browser except where you are given the option of having such data saved for future visits).

We use cookies to collect anonymous information about how visitors use our website (e.g., to recognize and count the number of visitors and how they move around the site and which pages they visit or visit most often). We use this information to understand and improve how our website works. The cookies we use send information to Google Analytics and have a duration of 2 years from setting/update. 

You can clear cookies by updating your browser settings, or you can change your preferences by clicking on the 'cookie control' link at the top right-hand side of this page.


Labor Law Plus only retains data as long as necessary:

- for the purpose for which it was collected, i.e. to provide our services, manage relations with our clients, professional collaborators, suppliers etc.

- to comply with our legal and professional obligations.

- for the purposes of our legitimate interests. 

In relation to client and client service related data, Labor Law Plus will retain all records for at least six years from the provision of service or last contact, or any other period set by applicable limitation acts for the bringing of legal claims in relation to Labor Law Plus services, whichever is longer. 

TALI providers rendering Labor Law Plus services may apply different retention periods in accordance with local legal and professional rules where they are located. Clients may ask for return or deletion of records, also subject to limitations set by applicable legal and professional rules.

Labor Law Plus supplier data is reviewed periodically as to whether it remains necessary for Labor Law Plus’ business. 

Data used for marketing purposes is reviewed annually and updated as required.

We delete as much data as possible when asked to do by data subjects but in many cases provision of services and compliance with legal obligations will require us to retain that data or certain parts of that data. If we are requested to stop processing data for direct marketing purposes then we will always do so (it nevertheless being understood that some information may remain on our files for other purposes where legal and professional obligations require this as set out in this Policy).


Labor Law Plus professionals and Labor Law Plus providers can access data relevant to their responsibilities and tasks which is needed in order for them to fulfill their tasks and/or to provide our services.

- Labor Law Plus and TALI providers for Labor Law Plus services: in order to provide services to Labor Law Plus clients and to make proposals for new work. Where data is required in connection with a legal assignment handled or coordinated by a TALI provider, the necessary data may be transferred internationally to them, including outside the EU. You can see a  list of locations where Labor Law Plus providers are principally located here ( This list may be updated periodically.

- Labor Law Plus Principals: in order to provide services to  Labor Law Plus and to make proposals for new work

- Suppliers: we work with independent contractors who assist us with accounting, billing, case management, document management, seminars or newsletters, marketing activities and other professional activities to be expected of a legal services provider.

- Data processors: we use external data processors for purposes including email, website and document hosting, storage and backup, email marketing, data analytics (e.g. website behavior). Agreements or terms of service with all such data processors apply that require that they process data in accordance with all applicable laws. If any of them export personal data outside the EU then we make all reasonable efforts to enable these transfers to happen in a way that ensures that data is handled in accordance with similar standards to those applicable in the EU. which include: the EU-US Privacy Shield for transfers to business partners in the US. If we use tailored agreements for data transfer (e.g. model contract clauses) then you may be entitled to view a copy upon request to the address given below. 

If any court, public authority, police force or regulator requested data from TALI as the company in charge of Labor Law Plus, then we would normally comply with such request without having to notify you or other affected individuals.


In accordance with applicable laws, including the GDPR, you have additional rights in relation to data that Labor Law Plus processes about you, i.e.:

(a) to ask for access to it;
(b) to ask for errors in it to be corrected;
(c) to ask for it to be erased (the "right to be forgotten");
(d) if not erased, then to ask us to restrict its processing;
(e) to object to its processing for specific purposes; or
(f) to ask for a copy to take to another service provider.

Some rights may be restricted where legal and professional obligations require this. Where we process any data based on consent that you have given in the past, then you are always allowed to withdraw your consent at any time (though the processing that took place before such withdrawal will still be legal). The main ways to do this are by contacting us at the above address or to

Labor Law Plus is always willing to help resolve any issues or doubts you may have in relation to the processing of your data. If you believe that your rights have not been respected at any time then you also have a right to complain to the relevant Supervisory or Data Protection Authority in your country to ask them for a resolution.


If you have any questions in relation to this Policy please contact us at:

Data Protection 
Labor Law Plus
Transatlantic Law International Limited
42 Brook Street
London W1K 5DB
United Kingdom


All email messages sent to and from Labor Law Plus may be monitored to ensure compliance with our policies and applicable rules and to run our business in a professional manner.

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