Online Service

No Obligation Online Help Service.

If you are a company or investor with a project or question, we can help define your main labor and employment issues and devise possible solutions through an initial online consultation at no cost to you. 

We will respond quickly, within 24 hours or less.

Any input received from our online service will be preliminary of course and based on the information we receive. 

It does not establish an attorney-client relationship or privilege, and cannot be considered legal advice unless confirmed subsequently in writing under a retention agreement between our company and you or your company.

As a service provider to the international business community, we regret that we cannot respond to questions on legal issues of an essentially personal nature, such as in relation to individual or personal claims,  claims for personal injuries, consumer claims against manufacturers or service providers, or  non-business-related criminal matters, or matrimonial and family law among other areas where you should seek personal counsel.

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