Transatlantic Law International Launches Labor Law Plus ®

3rd September 2013, London – Transatlantic Law International (TALI), a global business law innovator with over 3500 lawyers in affiliated firms worldwide announced today the launch of Labor Law Plus®, a new global legal resource providing  integrated labor and employment law services, as well as full business law support in more than 80 countries to the global legal and human resource  communities.

Based in London, United Kingdom, TALI has been a leader since 2001 in delivering global legal services in new ways to companies and investors seeking growth and restructuring worldwide.  

Labor Law Plus® will concentrate on serving multinational and growing clients who are looking for a fast, flexible and cost efficient service for labor and employment issues, as well as complete legal support, worldwide or in any region or country where support is needed.

The launch of Labor Law Plus® coincides with the growing demand for global labor and employment law services, a service sector estimated to generate over $65-75 billion annually in revenues worldwide, and which has been served primarily either by traditional law firms, loose law firm referral networks, or more recently by major US based labor and employment law firms expanding internationally by opening offices overseas in some countries or forming alliances with other law firm groups.

In contrast, Labor Law Plus®, an expansion of TALI’s longstanding global L&E practice, brings to bear highly experienced, international level L&E legal teams in more countries than any other integrated L&E law service, with dedicated global, regional and country team leaders in over 80 countries  who have been working together for many years to deliver a centrally managed service with a single set of terms and centralized billing and cost control to clients worldwide seeking comprehensive single source solutions. 

In addition, as part of TALI, Labor Law Plus® will be able to provide complete business law support to HR and company law departments in critical areas such as mergers & acquisitions, opening and closing of offices, restructuring, and many other areas of business law which intersect with labor and employment law issues, distinguishing the service from labor and employment law firms or groups which are concentrating on offering only L&E services. 

TALI’s founder and Director Erik Lazar said: “By harnessing top rate legal teams across multiple countries under one centrally managed global service system without the overhead and layers of traditional firms, we have shown that we can deliver global solutions more readily and achieve a tighter control of legal spend while providing faster and more effective service delivery, in a way that also relieves clients of the need to manage multiple legal relationships.  

“We have extended the same philosophy and structure into the labor and employment law sector with Labor Law Plus in a way that works and is very unique. The service will be very comprehensive, dynamic and effective.“

Labor Law Plus’s advantage is that it is a simple and effective one stop shop for the global HR and legal communities with all L&E legal requirements handled under one roof centrally - or by region or country if the client prefers – in a way that also addresses all other business needs that impact on or result from L&E decisions.   

“Critical projects inevitably involve both L&E and extremely important business law issues,” commented Lazar “We do and will cover both, which is a more versatile approach. The Plus in Labor Law Plus reflects that - because we can do and will do more.”

Labor Law Plus® covers all countries in Europe including all EU and EEA countries, all major countries in the Middle East, key countries in Africa, Russia, Asia- Pacific, China, India, the United States, Latin America and Canada

Labor Law Plus also finds solutions in countries where it does not currently provide dedicated coverage through an extensive network of correspondents and contacts across all continents. Recent assignments have covered countries as varied as Yemen, Cameroon and Trinidad and Tobago.

The L&E legal teams are augmented by teams of business law coordinators from the same affiliated firms operating as part of TALI’s overall global service.

All Labor Law Plus’s teams are all drawn from highly ranked longstanding affiliated law firms known for their excellence in international, national and cross border issues in their own jurisdictions. 

The firms have been selected based on their expertise and ability to work with clients effectively in faster and more effective ways than traditional firms with an emphasis on service delivery and cost control as well as expertise.

Clients of the service include leading multinationals and growing companies from the United States, Europe, the Asia Pacific region, Middle East and elsewhere. 

”We expect the service to continue to expand and grow to meet global L&E and business requirements  Everywhere Business Needs To Be®  - a by-word for all our services which both captures  where we are  and is a service pledge we take seriously” Lazar concluded.