Our Values & Philosophy

Labor Law Plus® as part of Transatlantic Law International, a leading business law service founded by international corporate counsel, selects only top quality lawyers and affiliated law firms as our business partners committed to providing optimal solutions from a business perspective.

We believe in breaking down the barriers between you and ‘outside’ counsel, delivering a seamless, one-stop experience and providing the best value to our clients with experienced counsel only, eliminating the unnecessary layers of traditional law practices.

Inside Not Out: We undertake assignments with an in-house counsel perspective while maintaining an objective approach of our own resources to meet your needs. We are committed to accomplishing our clients’ objectives without ‘over-lawyering’ or incurring unnecessary costs. And we will change lawyers – and the whole country team if needed – or add to it – to accomplish your results, something other firms simply cannot do.

Managing Resources for Value: Our business is to provide consistently sound and cost effective advice - and to deliver legal solutions for you regionally and locally by advising you on the answer or making sure our advisors provider the answers on your schedule and with the proper expertise. By eliminating inefficiencies and inexperienced counsel from the mix, our structure also ensures that you are only paying for the services you require - not the high overheads of conventional international service firms.

Finding Solutions Is Our Job: We will deliver results even in specialties and places where we do not have current coverage. We constantly move with our clients and understand the importance of bridging international gaps. We are committed to providing solutions wherever you need them.

Everywhere Business Needs to Be®: In a globalized world, our ability to offer you service anywhere in the world reflects our unique ability to meet our clients’ needs. We keep expanding to find the best answers for your business - helping you to increase market share, improve profit margins, and tackle the competition.

We’re Not Just Your L&E Law Service.

We’re Your Business Partner Too.