Organization / How We Work

Helping International Companies for Over 22 Years

Launched in 2001, our business has grown to provide labor and employment law as well as business law services in every major region of the world.

We provide services globally, regionally and locally and have regional coordinators through affiliated firms in the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia/CIS, the Middle East and Africa, the USA including for US Immigration, Latin America, China, India, Central APAC, South East Asia and Australasia. The list of countries we operate in continues to grow rapidly.

Our unique structure was founded on the simple proposition: what companies and investors need globally is not a traditional law firm structure but a system which both organizes, manages and delivers value with consistency and quality from the best business-minded law firm teams and individual lawyers who are committed to working together on one service platform with consistent performance standards and a singular approach as a single team to deliver results.

Working through a centrally-managed structure, our system focuses on solving problems from an in-house perspective. In addition, we have the ability to adapt our service as needed on time and on budget.

All our lawyers are from leading backgrounds, each internationally-oriented and working towards the same result - providing the best solution for your business.

This way of working also allows us to set the highest standards and enforce them globally, giving us the ability to view our resources objectively and ensure that you have the right team for the right tasks.

We also provide you with the option to change the lawyers working on your business or to bring in specialists as you require.

One Service

Labor Law Plus®, as a division of Transatlantic Law International Limited, a UK limited liability company, is your global legal service provider, giving advice either centrally from and through our own management team of highly experienced global counsel, or by having our dedicated teams from our affiliated law firms and specialist counsel across the globe deliver the solutions to you right away when the issues are mainly local.

Each firm and specialist remains responsible for their own advice, while Labor Law Plus remains responsible for its own advice and for the overall management and delivery of the service.

This structure gives us the independence and flexibility to view our resources objectively, making sure you have the right team for the right tasks, controlling budgets and billing, and retaining the ability to change teams and lawyers or bring in specialists when you or the task requires.

As with any global organization, of course, all services are governed strictly by our standard Terms and Conditions of Service, including our limitations of liability, which apply to all Labor Law Plus services however and wherever provided, including those of our affiliates and individual specialists and providers.

Please read and understand our current Terms in advance of any service, as they apply regardless of whether a formal retention agreement is entered: by using our services you agree to them.

Of course we are happy to review our terms in depth together with you to answer any questions at any time.