Fee Structures / Service Pledge

Value Based Fee Structures

Labor Law Plus® is committed to providing cost-efficient and flexible fee structures based on the specific demands of your assignment.

We are devoted to beating the market consistently on costs without sacrificing quality.

We do this by looking at our service cost structure from our in-house perspective and always asking what the value of the work is to the client, eliminating billing based on the age of the lawyer and taking out inexperienced counsel from the service equation entirely.

Our one-stop single point billing system also reinforces fiscal discipline and central accountability, enabling us to control budgets and maintain cost-efficiency throughout our service.

Our service pledge and cost-efficient fee structures go hand-in-hand:

You will always have experienced counsel dedicated to your work

We will work to minimize cost and maximize efficiency

We deliver results not paperwork

We will achieve your objectives with the highest level of integrity

And if you are not satisfied, we will not only change the lawyer, we will change the team – something other firms simply cannot do.