Global Labor & Employment Services

Global Reach. Global Depth.

We provide complete coverage on all continents, in all major business centers, and in all key areas of labor and employment law service through an integrated, highly flexible, one-stop service covering a broad range of international labor and employment law requirements including:

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery
Constitution of New Companies and Directors/Openings
Employee Discipline
Arbitration/ Alternative Dispute Resolution
Contract and Template Drafting – Global and Local
Employee Monitoring
Background Checks
Corporate Ethics and Compliance
Employment Audits
Claims and Litigation
Criminal Liability and Defense
Executive Contracts and Settlements
Compensation and Benefits
General Labor and Employment Law Advice
Competition and Restrictive Covenants
Global Mobility / Expatriate Management
Mergers and Acquisitions - All Aspects
Intellectual Property / Employer and Employee Rights
Occupational Health and Safety / Workers Compensation
Risk Assessment and Strategic Management
Outsourcing / Consultants
Social Security Treaties
Labor and Management Relations
Policies, Procedures and Handbooks
Staffing and Contingent Workers
Mandatory Benefits
Privacy and Data Protection
Taxation: Social Security Issues and Treaties / Permanent Establishment Issues/ Other
Mass Dismissals / Closings
Terminations / Negotiations
Trade Secrets and Theft
Unions and Collective Bargaining Agreements
Work Rules and Regulations - Initial Registration and Modification
Transfer of Undertakings
Whistle Blowing and Retaliation
Work-from-Home Arrangements
Transitions and Change Management
Work Permits / Visas / Immigration Issues
Works Councils

We routinely advise in these areas – and more – on a global regional and local basis.

We also have special global services for Global Mobility and Immigration which we routinely handle for multinationals across multiple borders.

In L&E There’s Very Little Outside Our Experience.

And In Business Law, There’s More.  The PLUS.

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