Over 95 Countries

Our labor and employment counsel in over 95 countries worldwide are led by dedicated team leaders in our affiliated firms who have worked together for years providing exceptional results and solutions, coordinated both centrally and regionally by our global and regional coordinators.

At the same time under our single service delivery platform, you can work directly with our local teams as you see fit, globally, regionally or locally - all with single and consistent global billing with central accountability.

All our teams come to us highly recommended and are vetted and tested before they can work for any group client as part of our ongoing service.

All teams are multilingual and fluent in English and have a track record of representing leading companies locally in their own markets as well as internationally.

Our Team Quality Is Unsurpassed

View our country team leaders and affiliated firm profiles by clicking on the region and country below. You can make a preliminary inquiry through our Online Service or contact our key country counsel directly from the contact page to get started.

If you don’t see the country you need, do contact us anyway, as we are constantly expanding - or will find solutions for our clients - through our extensive group of counsel where business needs arise, including most recently countries as diverse as Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Mongolia, Kenya and Yemen.

Countries Out of Our Reach? Not Many.

You’ll find the places we are not are few and far between.